5 Benefits of Owning a RIB for Summer Activities and Travel

RIB for Summer Activities and Travel

SUMMER IS HERE! And we are all ready to make the most of being in the warm weather. For a lot of us, that means heading down to the beach and enjoying a day out by (or on!) the sea.

Cobra RIBs offer an incredible way to get the most out of summer with a whole new perspective - a world of opportunities when it comes to activities, exploration, and travel! Keep reading for just some of the amazing benefits you can take advantage of when you own a Cobra RIB.

1. Versatile Exploration

Whether it be a Marinique or a Patronus, all our RIBs offer the flexibility to take on adventurous exploring. Thanks to their agility and manoeuvrability, our boats are perfect for navigating different waterways, with shallow water capability and easy handling.

You’ll be able to explore secret coves along the coast, as well as estuaries and lakes – all perfect for adventurous summer days!

2. High Speed Thrills

You don’t have to unleash the full power of your new RIB – but Cobra RIBs have definitely got thrill-potential if you’re in the market for a spot of summer adrenaline.

Whether you have a thirst for watersports activities or are simply keen to experience the freedom of the open water, our custom-made RIBs are fitted with incredibly powerful engines that make it easier than ever to unlock a summer adventure.

3. Comfort & Safety for Family Outings

We are proud to create RIBs that offer the best of both worlds – they're great for thrill seekers, but still always keep safety at the forefront of their design. If you’re looking for a way to get more out of family holidays and trips to the ocean, Cobra RIBs offer the ultimate family day out.

Perfect for summer outings, our RIBs remain stable and dry, with soft, comfortable landings against the waves. You can create incredible family memories with the confidence of knowing that your RIB has been engineered with our world renowned ‘Deep V Hull’ to glide through rough waters.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Regardless of whether you’re having a day of watersports or enjoying a gentle cruise across the water, our Cobra RIBs offer excellent fuel efficiency. With fuel tanks of 45 gallons +, you’ll get hours of fun out of your RIB without the arduous thought of having to fill up or worrying about how you might make it home.

5. Easy Transportation for Summer Road Trips

No matter where you’re headed for your summer break, you won’t have to leave your Cobra RIB behind. With designs that are incredibly easy to tow and launch, our RIBs are the ideal summer staple. Whether you’re staying in your hometown or heading further afield, there’s always the opportunity to take your RIB with you.

Prepare for a New Adventure with Cobra RIBs

Summer is the perfect time for exploring and trying new things – with the open water offering incredible opportunities for new experiences and lasting memories.

At Cobra RIBs, all our RIBs are built to your specifications and have plenty of scope for customisation. No matter what you need to get the most out of your new-found freedom on the water, our team of incredible craftsmen are ready to make it happen.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at Blackbeard Marine or email us at sales@cobraribs.com. Join the adventure today!